Terms of Business:

The websites will be design according to the customer’s specifications and wishes. The service includes full service acquired for uploading the data via FTP-programme. When the installation is completed, the website is instantly ready for use.

The extent of the website depends on the individual order-volume, ordered by the client.

a) Service-Fee: The service-fee is to be transferred to our account after placing your order and after the approved functioning of the website. The amount is payable after receipt of our invoice.

b) Costs: The costs depend on the volume of the individual order and vary according to the extent of programming-work and the specific applications.

Therefore a fix price will be set for each individual order, which is not to be exceeded more 10 percent from our side. In case the order should turn out to be more comprehensive, the order has to be negotiated again. In this case, both the client and webseiten4you may terminate contract within 14 days.

c) Contents/rights: The customer agrees to publish the site in the world wide web on his own risk and is to be held responsible for the contents.

d) Cancellation/Withdrawal: The period of notice for cancelling an order is 14 days counted from the receipt of an written order or confirmation

e) Webseiten4you undertakes no responsibility for: Webseiten 4you will not be held responsible for any damages caused by delay. This also applies to the case that the customer regards the results of his order as insufficient.

 f) Webseiten4you informs its customer, that all his personal data will be treated strictly confidential and are kept for internal use only.

g) Should one paragraph of these terms of business should be or become invalid or impracticable, the contract in general or the remaining parts shall not be affected provided they make sense. Invalid or impracticable paragraphs and eventual missing terms are to be exchanged or extended by adequate terms that reflect the requirements of the business partners and take account of their interests. The contracting parties are obliged to state their will respectively.